Japan donates five firefighting trucks to Samoa

The Government of Japan has handed over five firefighting trucks to the Samoa Fire and Emergency Services Authority (SFESA).

The trucks will help improve the standards of the vital services provided by SFESA across Samoa.

The five units of firefighting trucks consist of one pumper fire truck with tank, one water tank truck, one rescue truck and two fire pumper trucks all provided under Japan’s ongoing scheme namely Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects or GGP in short.

A grant of up to USD 88,819 was signed over to SFESA in March of last year for funding of the procurement, reconditioning and shipment of the five units from Japan.

The authority sought for Japan’s assistance in order for them to capitalise new substations in rural areas of both Upolu and Savaii Islands as well as to have adequate access to water supplies during emergencies.

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