Samoa’s Fasitoo-uta Primary School receives new furniture

Fasitoo-uta Primary School has received 200 desks of desks and chairs worth WST $40,000 through Australia’s Direct Aid Program (DAP).

Australia's Charge d’Affaires Amanda Jewell visited the school earlier this week to officially handover the furniture, which will contribute to the physical and mental welfare of the students.

“I am happy to be here on behalf of the Australian Government to officially handover the sets of desks and chairs to the school,” Ms Jewell said. 

“The latest addition of furniture is vital for promoting a more conducive learning environment for the students and staff members of Fasitoo-uta Primary School,”

“The Australian Government takes pride in working with local communities on projects such as this, which aim to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development in Samoa,” she concluded.

DAP is a unique part of Australia’s development assistance to Samoa.

It has a direct and targeted impact on people’s lives by funding projects that are designed by the very communities they are seeking to benefit.

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