New School hall in Savaii to benefit all.

Father Mosese and Don Bosco College in Savaii have done it again, building a school hall in Salelologa worth more than $1.5million tala.

 This was an initiative by Father Mosese and Don Bosco Savaii to ensure that there was a hall for holding functions, including graduations, and meetings.

“Most of the money for this hall came from Don Bosco Australia and Rome. It was our push and support that really made it possible to bring this dream into a reality,” said Father Mosese, Principal of Don Bosco Savaii.

“We accounted for more than 75% of the costs of the hall, our little walk for a hall in December last year made another total of $101,000 tala and thanks to the support of our country,” he said.

To plan and prepare the hall, it took a little over seven months he added.

“The hall is open for Salelologa and the entire district, and even government functions, because they really helped with the cause as well,” he added.

Similar to the initiative that led to the new hall, Father Mosese and Don Bosco Salelologa had a fund raiser in 2014, for a school bus.

The initiative by the Principal himself and the college is one reason why the support for the school came flooding in, from overseas.

Minister for Education Sports and Culture, Loau Keneti Sio admitted that the impressive initiative by Father Mosese and the staff of the college in Salelologa was all done without much help from the government.

“I would like to congratulate the principal and the staff of Don Bosco in Salelologa. You all have worked hard and made it to this day,” he said.

Despite the delays in completion of the hall, the opening was a sign of joy for the people of Savaii of their hard work.


Yosua Lafoai