Tautua Samoa launches manifesto & election candidates

The Tautua Samoa party has officially announced their manifesto and 26 candidates for next month’s general election in Samoa.

Tautua leader Palusalue Faapo 11 gave the keynote address emphasizing the need for a change of Government.

He made reference to the Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) million dollar debt with international banks and the ‘impact of the debt on people.’

“Woe to the people of Samoa if HRPP returns,” said Palusalue.

He also explained Tautua’s plan for Samoa for the next five years before calling on Samoa to vote for changes and a prosperous future.

Reverend Kasiano Leaupepe led with a prayer the service and challenged Tautua not to be afraid and to continue on praying.

“Fast if you must but never fail to pray,” said Rev. Leaupepe.

The supporters were given the opportunity to ask questions to which Tautua Samoa shadow Minister for finance Afualo Dr. Wood Salele responded to.

One supporter suggested to Palusalue to challenge Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi to a public debate.

Tautua Samoa highlighted 4 key issues with which the party sees relevant and a must for the development of the people and the country.

•    Equal opportunities and skills for all

•    Rule of law and pursuit of justice

•    Equal distribution of  wealth

•    Environmental sustainability

Education and health are the 2 key components of the equality opportunity for everyone, which includes the establishment of a Samoa National Education Fund (SNEF) to help parents with the children’s school fees.  Also in the pipeline for education is the increase salary package offer to teachers.

On the health side, a Medi-Care and Medical Insurance will be introduced for all, while pensioners will get and increase to $270 (US$102) of their pension which they will receive twice a month.

On the rule of law, no one is above the law, and Tautua is looking at establishing a anti-corruption body to monitor and discipline all.

Equal distribution of wealth will include an increase to $3.00 (US$1.14) as a starting rate for employees, and Tautua’s priority is to accommodate the needs of the people.

Tautua Samoa has 26 sworn candidates for the election and 20 running as independents. Party lawyer Papali’i Li’o Masepa’u said there are reasons why their names could not be included in the list launched today, but their (independents) allegiance to Tautua has already being endorsed.

The candidates are:

Lefau Harry Schuster – Vaimauga West No.2

Aveau  Niko Palamo – Faleata East

Ili Setefano Taateo  Tafili – A’ana Alofi No.2

Toesulusulu Cedric P. Schuster – A’ana Alofi No.3

Unasa  Tauaiupolu Iulia Petelo – Lefaga & Faleaseela

Palusalue Faapo 11 – Safata West

Tofuaiopola  Falefa Lima – Falealili East

Tuula Kiliri L.Tuitui –  Lepa

Letiu Tamatoa Penaia – Aleipata Itupa I Lalo

Ofoia Vaipua Tautaiaolefua Ofoia – Vaa O Fonoti

Alaisa Elena – Anoamaa East

Poloai Akapo – Anoamaa East

Suafoa  Faimata Fauena Sua – Fa’asaleleaga  No.1.West

Papalii Lio Oloipoloa Taeu Masepau – Faasaleleaga No.2

Sala Malautea  Muliagatele  Iose McCarthy – Gagaemauga No.2

Manuta  Lavamaile  Uesile – Gagaifomauga No.2

Vaai Papu  – Vaisigano No.1

Motuapuaa Uifagasa Aisoli Vaai – Vaisigano No.2

Aeau Peniamina Leavaiseeta – Falealupo

Momoemausu Siaifa Uipa – Alataua West

Tapuai Toese Ah Sam  – Salega East

Afualo Wood Uti Salele – Salega West

Fiso Taranaki  Mailei –Tamasese  – Palauli East

Le Tagaloa Pita –  Palauli Le Falefa

Tiatia Mapesone Malo – Palauli Le Falefa


Tautua Samoa will travel to Savaii on Thursday to conduct a similar launching for their supporters in Savaii.