Frozen 2 rakes in $350 million worldwide on box office debut

Frozen 2 raked in $350 million (nearly £272m) in its opening weekend worldwide, beating forecasts and the box office debut of the original film.

The sequel made about £15m in the UK and Ireland and $127m (£98.9m) in the US and Canada, which are not counted towards the worldwide figures.

The 2013 original took $93m (£72.28m) during its first five days in theatres, according to Reuters.

It ended up making a whopping $1.27bn in total.

Disney say the sequel has set a new record for the biggest opening weekend for an animation.

That's owing to the fact they consider this year's remake of The Lion King, which made $269m on its opening weekend, to be a live action film.

Disney declined to enter the film in the category for best animated feature at next year's Oscars.

But some feel the digital 3D film is more of a photo-realistic animation.