Manu Samoa lay down clear vision, expectations

Manu Samoa are keeping things simple going into this weekend's opening rugby test of their Northern Tour against the United States.

The bulk of the squad arrived in San Sebastian in Northern Spain in the early hours of Monday morning after a week's training camp in London.

Head coach Steve Jackson was only appointed in September and said, with such a short preparation, it was important not to overload the players with too much information.

"I kept things pretty simple and the messaging has been pretty clear, it's been visual - it's been every way that you can possibly learn," he said.

"And we were mindful that in our Regulation Nine camp (in London) we didn't want to get off the aeroplane and rip right into it so we spent a couple of days just making sure that we had good clarity around what we wanted and how we wanted to play the game and making sure that our leaders understood what we were doing.

"[We] presented our statement and our visions and how we're going to achieve these goals while we're on tour."

The Manu have won only four of 17 tests in the past three seasons, with two of those coming against European minnows Germany earlier this year, snapping a nine-match losing streak, to secure qualification for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Steve Jackson said the the players and himself as coach have been selected to get results and everyone is well aware of the expectations to perform.

"We've come under criticism due to that fact that we haven't been getting results for the public and the people back home deserve it," he said.

"I spoke to the Prime Minister and he's highly supportive. He had some real good words of wisdom for us and i really enjoyed my time talking to him.

"It was inspiring for myself just to listen to some of the words that he had to say as well so hopefully we can take all that and use that as motivation for us moving into gameweek and for this tour."

Steve Jackson said the new Manu Samoa captain for the tour will also be announced shortly, with regular skipper Chris Vui unavailable because of injury.

Samoa will also take on Georgia and Spain in the coming weeks.