“Wider theme for safer Environment”- Girls ICT Day highlight

Samoa in collaboration with the World celebrated the Girls ICT Day to prevent issues happening from Cyber bullying and stalking on Internet.

Justice Leilani Tuala Warren on Thursday 25 April at TATTE Conference Room talked about the beauty of the world they lived in without the Internet.

“Myself and probably your parents were around before fb started, and it was wonderful to see the advent of social media.”

“You connect with friends and families, you update people on what you are doing what you are eating and what you are wearing on a daily basis, you are informed about what is happening around the world-these are all great and wonderful things,” she added.

She emphasized that as future leaders, the youth especially girls should be aware of the dangers that are associated with this wonderful thing known as the Internet.

One of the cases of Cyber Bullying mentioned by Mrs. Warren is the case of an uncle who had been watching sexual material on his phone, and ended up dragging and sexually assaulting his 11 year old niece in the bushes beside her home while she was on her way back from the shop.

“I can say to you that if you have experienced cyber bullying or cyber stalking or if anything that is done or said to you on the internet makes you feel uncomfortable, you must speak to someone,” she said.


Joshua Setima