90-year-old birthday girl shares her secret to long life

Eating healthy foods, exercising and being happy are the keys to living a long life according to ninety-year-old mother of 13, Seilaoa Tanuvasa.

Mrs Tanuvasa of Nofoalii celebrated her birthday last Friday surrounded by her loved ones.

She turned 90 on 15 January and the party was a gift from her children both in Samoa and overseas.

The elated great grandmother of 99 great grand children shared some insights into her life.

“The years added in our lives are the greatest gifts God blesses us with. Valuing them and making life worth living is our way of giving back,” she said while fighting back tears.

“And by saying giving back, it’s by doing good while we live and serve God, our parents, families and ourselves with our best.”

Mrs. Tanuvasa also kept Samoa traditions close to her heart.

Honesty and obedience are also traits that kept her grounded.

“Back then, we’d always do whatever it takes to make our parents proud and because we didn’t have that much as we have right now back then, life was simple and struggle free,” she said.

“We were free from the influence of this internet that the youth is putting most of their attention at and we saw how great the world is without facing our phones 24/7.”

She advises the youth of today to love their families unconditionally and obey them.

“Life isn’t that simple right now as the world is becoming more cruel, if we value the nine months our mothers carried us in their wombs and the years they struggled just to give us the best of best, God will reward youth with years of living and that’s what’s important.”

“Today, seeing all my children come here and celebrate my 90th birthday is one of the greatest treasures I will cherish in my heart and one of the greatest gifts God has blessed me with.”

“I didn’t know I would be seeing all their faces again at one time under this roof or maybe I did but I forgot somehow but I am just very speechless and excited,”she cried.

Her advice for the youth of Samoa is the same advice she give her children everyday in Samoa and overseas.

Mrs Tanuvasa thanked God for the 90 years he has given her to serve Him, her family and Samoa.

She’s proud of the kids she calls her own for they have never once abandoned her.

“I am a proud mother and enough saying happy birthdays because I already am having such a happy and exciting birthday,” she said.

  Photo supplied by Talaia Mika Caption Mrs Seilaoa Tanuvasa, 90, surrounded by her family    

Talaia Mika