ASA Foundation helps two families of measles fatalities in Samoa

The families of the latest two victims of Samoa’s measles epidemic have received assistance from the ASA Foundation.

The Foundation presented two coffins for a father from Leauvaa and a child from Apia who died in the past week.

The organisation also helped pay for Sefo’s Funeral Services as part of its measles Samoa Fund Appeal.

According to a member of the foundation, Tuala Tagaloa Tusani, their help and thoughts are always with the Samoan people.

“Our money or anything we’re giving may not be able to bring their deceased members back but our group is always thinking of them.”

The ASA Foundation, which is a Pasifika fundraising group for Samoa has been helping families for the past two months since an epidemic was declared in Samoa.

The ASA Foundation has already sent a shipping container from New Zealand to Samoa full of supplies for children.

The group intends to complete its work by the end of February as members believe there is still a possibility for the measles crisis to extend to next month.

The ASA Foundation has acknowledged the support of people from New Zealand, Australia and across the region for their continuous support for Samoa.

To date, 83 measles related deaths have been recorded with the Ministry of Health (M.O.H) confirming a growing total of 5,697 measles cases being reported to the Disease Surveillance Team since the outbreak began.


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Talaia Mika