Category 1 tropical cyclone warning for Samoa

A tropical cyclone warning category 1 will be effective for Samoa within the next 12 to 24 hours.

The Samoa Meteorology Division in its latest weather update says a wind advisory remains effective for all of Samoa.

There is also a warning for heavy rain, flooding and possible landslide in vulnerable areas.

A flood advisory has been issued for low-lying coastal areas due to high surf from Saturday morning.

Samoa is already drenched after days of heavy rain, with some parts experiencing flooding.

An advisory for small craft and alia fishing boats remains in effect for all Samoa open waters due to strong and gusty winds with high combined waves and swells.

Tropical Depression 07F was located -14.3 South, -176.1 West or at about 385 km West South West of Asau or 469 km West of Apia at 090100 UTC or 1:00 p.m. today.

Tropical Depression 07 continues to move East North East towards Samoa at the speed of 17 knots and expected to intensify into a Tropical Cyclone Category 1 in the next 12-24 hours. Expect winds closer to the centre of 39-54mph.

Tonight and Tomorrow:
Occasional showers with heavy falls and few thunderstorms.
Westerly winds of 20-30 mph gusty at times and may increase to 45 mph early tomorrow morning. Combine waves and swells of 7-9 feet for Northern waters and 8-10 feet for Southern waters.

Saturday and Sunday:
Periods of rain, heavy at times and thunderstorms
Westerly winds of 40-50 mph and possibly increase up to 65 mph at times. Combine waves and swells of 8-10 feet for Northern waters and 8-10 feet for Southern waters.

Seas very rough and damaging swells of 10-12 feet affect open seas.

Potential Impact – River overflows, Slippery road, Poor Visibility, flooding, landslide and flying objects.

(The next Special Weather Bulletin will be issued at 8.00pm tomorrow or sooner if conditions warrant)



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