Digicel invests WST $25-million in upgrading network

As part of a WST$25-million investment in "next-generation” network, Digicel, since September last year, has been upgrading and swapping out to Huawei network.

This was announced at the press conference at Digicel office attended by Minister of Communication and Information Technology – Afamasaga Rico Tupai and the Digicel management team including Oliver Coughlan, CEO, Digicel Pacific Ltd and Regional Hub CEO Colin Stone.

Afamasaga Rico Tupai praised Digicel for its commitment to the Government and said "This technological advancement, combined with the Tui-Samoa cable is great for the people of Samoa giving faster data speeds and increased reliability.”

"The network itself is the same type of network deployed in the most advanced countries in the world. This will bring Samoa’s mobile network on par, if not better, than some of the best networks worldwide. On top of this platform Digicel intends to bring further applications and innovations to the people of Samoa enhancing the digital experience” said Farid Mohammed CEO, Digicel Samoa

“The network upgrade could not be any timelier as it comes at a time when we are looking forward to expanding our footprint further in the country. This means Digicel Samoa would have 90% plus 4G coverage serving our valued customers" he added.

"Digicel is positioned at the forefront of a data-intensive world where our customers are able to enjoy multimedia experiences on multiple devices and avail themselves of advanced solutions in their personal and business lives. The network will be more resilient, more secure and more efficient than other solutions - unaffected by the elements (rain or electrical storms), terrain, location or distance," said Oliver Coughlan, CEO, Digicel Pacific Ltd

“Our technical teams are working very hard as this project takes a lot of efforts and dedication in expanding our network to ensure we have both a world class experience and resiliency in our network. This compliments our investment in Tui-Samoa cable as we understand the top-class smartphones need top-class connectivity to deliver the best experience. We are also delighted to expand our 4G network allowing Digicel to compliment the Government of Samoa’s vision to offer reliable and affordable internet services across the country,” Oliver expressed.


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