New Zealand and Samoa’s AG’s office renew ties

Samoa’s Attorney General, Lemalu Hermann Retzlaff and New Zealand’s Attorney General, QC Christopher Finlayson met late last week and formally established future ongoing contact between their respective offices.

New Zealand AG told Retzlaff that links and an ongoing willingness to assist Samoa is not only important but something he feels personally attached to.

 "Whatever can be done to assist Samoa, we are committed,” said New Zealand AG. 

He has links with senior counsel at the local bar in Apia and has in the past appeared in Court in Apia. 

Samoa AG was then referred to meetings with the Parliamentary Counsels drafting team of New Zealand as well as the Law Commission of New Zealand. 

He stated that the Parliamentary Counsels office of NZ has a Pacific Desk and he was granted an audience to meet with that team. 

He also met with his past colleagues from the Prosecution team of Crown Law Auckland including the Crown Solicitor of Auckland Mr. Brian Dickey. 

Retzlaff says it is vital for Samoa's legal capacity building that the natural links with our brothers and sisters of Aoeteroa NZ are fanned and properly respected." 

He also had an opportunity to meet with members of the NZ Judiciary and was culturally welcomed to NZ by His Honour Judge Taumanu at a conference to update the NZ Evidence Act.

"Our Chief Justice Patu had asked that my office carefully review this key legislation so I was fortunate to meet key people and attend to the NZ update conference as hosted by Canterbury University and the NZ Law Commission,” said Retzlaff.

“I will now work on this Legislation and commit to fan these ambers as lit, by the wonderful manner in which I and Samoa was hosted,” he added.


Photo supplied by Government of Samoa Facebook