Newly sworn-in Samoan citizen pays tribute to late Samoan wife

A 68-year-old Australian who officially was granted a Samoan citizenship has paid tribute to his late Samoan wife.

Peter Ross Humrich who is from Brisbane, could not hold back his tears as he held in his hands a certificate confirming his Samoan citizenship - the one thing his wife wanted for him when she was alive.

Mr Humrich was among people of other nationalities who received their Samoa citizenship at an official ceremony at the Government building Wednesday.

“My wife passed away so I promised her this and here we go and that’s all I can say,” he said.

“She was a sweet young lady and we got married.”

Mr. Humrich has been living in Samoa for 38 years and has four children and many grandchildren.

He reminisced about his early days in Samoa.

“Of all countries I went to around the Pacific, I came here and I thought this is magic, this is wonderful so we stayed here and I’m still here,” Mr Humrich said.

“I’m going to cry feeling blessed to officially be a Samoan citizen now.”


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Talaia Mika