Pacific LGBTQI group use Samoan headdress for new show

A Pacific LGBTQI dance collective in New Zealand has come up with a concept that uses a Samoan cultural concept to tell their stories.

The group Fine Fatale has created a dance show titled Geish Tuiga as part of the annual Auckland Pride festivities happening this month.

Tuiga is a ceremonial headdress from Samoa that certain families with rank and status are privileged to wear.

Creative director Mario Faumui said they have used that symbolism to illustrate empowering each individual to be the best they can be in a society where they continue to be misunderstood.

Mr Faumui said the dance moves consist of a merge of western pop culture fusing with Pacific motifs.

"I guess for a community like us where we're kind of always pushed to the side or silenced, I guess this is kind of like our way to tell our story through silence and through our body and hands and touch on issues that we never get a chance to talk about because they kind of look at us as being like we're all good, they're the life of the party when there's actually more stuff under the surface," he said.