Samoa Embassy monitors scholarship students in Wuhan

The Embassy of Samoa in Beijing is monitoring the situation of Samoan students on scholarships in Wuhan, which is the epicentre of an outbreak of the coronavirus.

There are ten students studying in Wuhan.

According to a statement, all the students are on their winter break.

Four of them have travelled abroad while six have remained in the city.

Chinese authorities have issued a travel ban for all residents of Wuhan as they want to contain the spread of the virus by stopping people from travelling to and out of Wuhan.

The Embassy of Samoa is considering relocating the students to  Beijing when the travel ban is lifted.

The Embassy is also maintaining contact with the Ministry for updates on the students’ situation.

All students are well and have been advised to observe precautionary measures such as using facemasks, keeping away from crowded areas and restricting movements out of their university compounds to necessity.

Advice is being sought from the China Scholarship Council regarding contingency plans for all international scholarship students in the event of escalation especially with the Chinese lunar New Year holidays about to start.