Samoa launches outrigger canoe paddling festival

Samoa has launched the outrigger canoe paddling festival, Vailima Alo Paopao, which is aimed at ending violence against women and girls through the Va’as Against Violence campaign.

The campaign is supported by UN Women.

Celebrated as one of Samoa’s premier international sporting events, the festival will start on 25 August and end on 2nd September.

Orange Day is held on the 25th of each month to raise awareness about ending violence against women and girls.

The signature colour orange, a bright and optimistic colour, will appear on festival’s memorabilia representing a future free from violence.

The event will feature a series of regattas and cultural activities with over eight international teams and 80 international paddlers.

Paddlers across the Pacific are helping change the tide to end violence against women and girls.


Photo credit: UN Women/ Mele Maualaiva and courtesy of Tammy Mauala

Anishma Prasad