Samoa measles epidemic slows down

The current state of the measles epidemic in Samoa is slowing down according to a report by the Ministry of Health (M.O.H).

The people of Samoa through social media and word of mouth are spreading the exciting news and at the same time offering prayers of thanksgiving and further protection against the highly contagious .

In a report issued by the Health, 30 new cases reported between December 29, 2019 and  January 5, 2020.

The Health confirmed a cumulative total of 5,697 measles cases reported to the Disease Surveillance Team since the outbreak began.

Sixteen (16) measles cases were currently admitted at the Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital (T.T.M.H) at 8:30AM in January 5th 2020 including four critically ill children in ICU/HDU.

To date, the total number of measles cases being admitted to all hospitals recorded for the outbreak is 1,860.

Of that, 1,761 (95%) patients have recovered and been discharged.

To date, there were 2 fatalities (one infant and one adult) between December 29, 2019 and January 5th 2020 and 83 measles related cases admitted to all hospitals were recorded.

Currently, there are no travel restrictions or vaccination requirement for those travelling to Samoa.

Additionally, proof of MMR vaccination is not currently required for Samoans travelling to Australia, New Zealand or the United States.

Only travelers to American Samoa are required to provide proof vaccination for MMR.


Talaia Mika