Samoa refuses 3 travelers entry over coronavirus fears

Border Security officials at Samoa’s Faleolo International Airport have denied entry to three travelers as enforcement to protect the country from the coronavirus continues.

The travelers include a couple from the United States who transited through Hawaii arriving from American Samoa Tuesday afternoon.

After health screening, the man and wife according to Acting Director General of Health, Tagaloa Dr. Robert Thomsen showed flu-like symptoms.

And because the United States is now included in the list of countries with confirmed coronavirus cases, coupled with the 14-day self-quarantine mandate, the man and wife were turned back and returned to American Samoa.

The third traveler from China transited through Australia and was also returned to Australia for the same reasons.

Over the weekend, 6 Chinese nationals from the Mainland China arriving from Fiji were also returned to Nadi under the same circumstances over the weekend.

The latest Updated Travel Advisory is still in effect with amendments for all travelers transiting through countries with confirmed virus cases including China for 24 hours or more are required to provide a medical clearance at last port before onward travel to Samoa.