Samoa's exports up over 42 percent in value

Samoa's exports are up by 42.4 for the 12 months to June.

The Central Bank Governor said improvements in both volume and prices drove the $US14.57 million (ST$38.98 million) increase from $US34.3 million ($ST91.96 million) to $US49.12 million ($ST130.94 million).

Maiava Atalina Ainu'u Auelua said the volume of fresh fish exports was up by 25 percent, but the price had increased by 59 percent.

Maiava said nonu juice was up 73 percent by volume and 29 percent by price, meaning an increase of $US3.89 million ($ST10.38 million) in overall value.

Coconut oil export volume was up nearly 34 percent and 29 percent in price, an increase of $US1.05 million ($ST2.8 million) overall.

However, total imports rose 10.4 percent creating a trade deficit of $US293.3 million, up 6.4 percent on the previous year.

This was off-set by an overseas visitor spend of $US192.43 million and private remittances of $US203.48 million, up 14.5 and 11.4 percent respectively.



Photo Loop Samoa Caption: A busy port in Apia