Samoa's exports up over 42 percent in value

The Central Bank Governor said improvements in both volume and prices drove the $US14.57 million (ST$38.98 million) increase from $US34.3 million ($ST91.96 million) to $US49.12 million ($ST130.94 million).

Maiava Atalina Ainu'u Auelua said the volume of fresh fish exports was up by 25 percent, but the price had increased by 59 percent.

Maiava said nonu juice was up 73 percent by volume and 29 percent by price, meaning an increase of $US3.89 million ($ST10.38 million) in overall value.

Samoa appeals for banana growers to follow regulations, as exports resume

The first shipment of Samoan bananas in nearly 50 years arrived in New Zealand last October.

The government had hoped to send a bunch more exports, as a way to inject money into the industry there.

But Samoa's agriculture ministry says around 500 cartons had to be destroyed in March because they were already ripening.

Its chief executive, David Hunter, says exports have now resumed, but farmers must comply with regulations.

Authorities will be keeping their eyes peeled to ensure the quality of exports.

Kokonut Pacific Solomon Islands finds path to NZ market

Kokonut Pacific, a coconut oil producing company was one of three companies from the Solomon Islands invited to attend Auckland’s Pasifika Festival earlier in March as part of the PTI Pacific Path to Market programme.

The six-stage programme involves attending a Pacific Path to Market workshop in their own country, followed by an invitation to Pasifika Festival, a Gap Analysis workshop and one-to-one business meetings with prospective buyers, importers and distributors.

Where and how Pasifika Festival fits into Samoa’s export plan…

It is the world’s largest of its kind and continues the global Pasifika wave made by Disney’s Moana last year and at this year’s Oscars.

The Moana link was highlighted by Auckland band Resonate performing their famous ‘Moana Mash Up’ that’s gone viral online with millions of hits and a thumbs-up from United States talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres.

Samoa needs to increase exports to European countries says PM

He was responding to a decision by the EU to close its office in Apia and centralise its efforts in a regional office in Fiji.

"The EU has been helping with a lot of development and assistances in Samoa. The biggest ones are the big water tanks that have been installed and will provide water for Faasaleleaga and the many schools they helped fund," he added.

However, the PM says things have been going one-sided for the EU, which would explain why they might lose interest in Samoa and that is his biggest fear.

Pacific exchange in drive for quality cocoa exports

This is part of a wider drive to improve the quality and reputation of Pacific cocoa, so that it can be sold into higher priced international markets. 

The Pacific Horticultural and Agricultural Market Access (PHAMA) Program brought together experts from PNG, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and Samoa to foster technical discussions and exchanges on cocoa quality testing and build the capacity of technical staff from relevant research organisations.

Cocoa another trending export produce for Samoa

Samoa's exports have been dominated by taro and other produce grown in the islands.

One produce that is silently making its way to the export table is cocoa – Samoan Koko - according to Lisa Karene the Executive Director of Noras Plantation Foods in Vaitele.

"We decided on the cocoa because it was easy to process, and from our market research it was one of the ‘trendier’ superfoods to put out there," she said.

Despite admitting to being late into the Australian market, Karene says they’ve seen a lot of growth in the demands due to high quality needs.