Samoa officially on lock down

The government said people or organisations who don't adhere to new Covid-19 lockdown requirements will face finds.

Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi said the last flights from Fiji, New Zealand and American Samoa had arrived and all passengers are now under 14 days quarantine.

The flights from New Zealand and Fiji were mostly scholarship students ordered home by government after the closure of their educational institutions.

Samoa to fine people who don't adhere to Covid-19 restrictions

Lockdown requirements include restricting public gatherings to no more than five people.

Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi said individuals would be fined $US45 for their first offence and $US245 for a repeat.

Fines for organisations - including churches - are $US2,080, increasing to $US2,916.

Tuila'epa said people breaching the lockdown requirement would have the offence lodged as a criminal record which would affect overseas travel.