Call for returning seasonal workers to be vaccinated against measles

Hawke's Bay's Alan Wright is the clinical team leader for the New Zealand Medical Assistance Team 'Bravo', the second rotation to help in Samoa with the outbreak.

He's running the response at Leulumoega Distric Hospital, with all other patients diverted for treatment to a smaller clinic near Faleolo Airport on Upolu.

Dr Wright said he knew of workers preparing to leave New Zealand's Hawke's Bay, who were unvaccinated.

American Samoa confirms nine measles cases

Of the nine, five are people who are travellers to the territory.

Epidemiologist Dr Aifili John Tufa announced the outbreak during a live broadcast fundraiser to help neighbouring Samoa's fight against the disease.

Dr Tufa later told KHJ News they believe there are other cases that have not presented at the hospital.

Hawai'i leader says Samoa's mass lock-down has saved lives

Today was the final day of a nation-wide shut down while vaccination teams visit households to administer shots in an effort to stem a deadly measles epidemic.

Josh Green is leading a team of 70 healthcare professionals from Hawai'i assisting in Samoa.

The death toll from the outbreak now stands at 63 measles with one fatality over the last 24 hours.

Mr Green said he had witnessed the toll of the outbreak first-hand but was hopeful of an end in sight, with the government reporting over 17,000 vaccines had been administered over the first day.

Door to Door mass vaccination campaign begins in Samoa

Photos have been posted by the official Government’s social media page showing teams have been dispatched out in to the community to carry out vaccinations for the whole of Samoa.

A reminder have also been issued to the public to hang a ‘Red Cloth’ or ‘Red Flag’ in front of their houses and make sure it is visible from the road.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the country stands at 60.


Samoa Police investigate complaints of alleged violation of measles State Emergency order

It is alleged that the two had attempted to undermine the Mass Vaccination Drive through Social Media posts and, by promoting alternative treatments.

Both men were questioned on Saturday and issued with strong warnings.

Police and the Office of the Attorney General will monitor the activities of these and other individuals, and will continue their inquiries.

Law enforcement re-emphasises a caution to members of the public, not to breach the State of Emergency Orders.

Samoa 7s player returns home after daughter contracts measles

Samoa Global News reports that Leilua was informed his daughter, born on 3 November, had been admitted to Isolation 2 at Motootua National Hospital shortly after arriving in Dubai last week.

The 23-year-old, who has scored 20 tries in 69 appearances on the World Sevens Series, told the website that there has since been "improvement" and that he is praying "for all the families affected by the measles".

Paulo Fanuasa and Kelvin Masoe have been called into the Samoan squad in Dubai and head coach Sir Gordon Tietjens said the whole team was thinking of Leilua and his family.

Samoa measles crisis: Over 50% children in vulnerable age group yet to be vaccinated

And the latest statistics as of Monday this week shows that of the 53 measles-related mortalities 48 are children from 6 months to 4 years old.

By December 1st, Monday this week 9,412 children in the age group have received their vaccination injection since the Mass Campaign was launched on 20th November.

From the Campaign, 7,561 vaccine doses were injected for children under 4 years old in Upolu and 1,851 doses for Savaii children in the same age group.

Children stay home, Christmas gatherings cancelled in Samoa

Father Losi Antonio, of Mulivai Catholic Church in the south of Samoa, said at the start of the service the congregation prayed for those who had lost loved ones to measles as well as those fighting the disease.

Forty-eight people so far have died since the outbreak began - most of them children.

Strict government rules required children to stay at home from Mass, which is a big part of most Samoan's week.

"I asked the parish here to please make the children stay home," he said.

Measles epidemic: Samoa's death toll rises to 42

The government said there had also been 3149 measles confirmed cases of the disease, more than 200 of those in the last 24 hours.

Nearly 200 people are currently hospitalised with measles, including 20 critically ill children in intensive care.

A mass vaccination campaign is underway with dozens of New Zealand and Australian nurses in Samoa to assist.

Samoa's top health official has said the epidemic is yet to peak.

NZ to send more medical staff, supplies to Samoa - Peters

Thirty-nine people have died and about 3000 have contracted the disease, prompting a mass vaccination campaign.

Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters said the latest support package included more medical staff and a machine to support oxygen production.

Among the medical team will be up to 15 intensive care specialists, as well as additional Samoan-speaking doctors and nurses.

New Zealand was also looking to provide psychological support for health workers in Samoa, he said.