Measles epidemic

Miss South Pacific, Miss Samoa returns home to help with measles recovery

Ms Seumanu was welcomed with an Ava ceremony held at Samoa Tourism Authority (STA) Tuesday.

She spoke of “promoting vaccination using my position as the Miss Pacific Islands and Miss Samoa.”

She plans to promote the health message as much as she can so not only the people of Samoa but the people of the Pacific will value it.

Ms. Seumanu is a registered nurse in New Zealand and during the measles crisis in Samoa, she assisted at the Ministry of Health and around the country and with the Mass Vaccination last year.

'Lessons to be learnt' from Samoa measles epidemic - Aupito William Sio

Counties Manukau and Samoa Doctors Worldwide are working on rotational cycles up to April as part of the regionwide response from Australia, New Zealand and throughout the Pacific.

Minister for Pacific Peoples Aupito William Sio who has just returned from Samoa says: "There are lessons to be learnt from this particularly for the wider region and both Winston Peters and I have been looking at how do we co-ordinate our response better."

MP calls for inquiry into Samoa's measles epidemic

Olo first made the call in December through local media, apologising on behalf of Parliament and telling the people of Samoa that the government had failed miserably.

This week he told Parliament the government did not have an epidemic plan in place before the outbreak in October.

Olo also mentioned the current coronavirus spreading in China and advised the ministry of health to take it seriously lest the country face another health crisis.

Samoa vendor back selling on the streets after measles crisis

The 28-year-old father saw a huge decline in his earnings as people stayed away from public gatherings and from town.

Mr. Tusani who has been selling his wares on the streets for the past 10 years said he used to make about $100 tala a week.

However, during the measles crisis, things changed.

“I’ve witnessed that the town was unusually lacking people and not only were they not around much, I think they’re also kind of scared to speak with me or any of the vendors because of the measles,”Mr Tusani said.

Samoa measles epidemic takes toll on mental health

Since the outbreak was declared in October, 83 people have died, most of them children.

The Samoa Umbrella for Non-Governmental Organisations, or SUNGO, recently travelled to the island of Savai'i, providing food, supplies and counselling.

The group's chief executive, Fuimaono Vaitolo Ofoia, said the Christmas period was a struggle for many families in Samoa.

"It's a weird experience for them because of this traumatic disease and the circumstances they have gone through, the trauma, it's beyond any other."

Fuimaono said long-term support would be crucial.

Group provides measles relief for Samoa's 'forgotten' Savai'i

To date, 83 people have died in the epidemic, which at its peak in November was claiming the lives of about five or six people a day but has since waned.

The chief executive of the Samoa Umbrella for Non-Governmental Organisations, Fuimaono Vaitolo Ofoia, said the vast majority of the victims were on the main island of Upolu.

Fuimaono said Savai'i, which had about 300 cases, had become somewhat forgotten.

"We were under the impression that Savai'i hasn't got any aid from any donor overseas.

Cook Islands donates to Samoa Measles Response Fund

Prime Minister Henry Tuakeu Puna presented, on behalf of the People of the Cook Islands, a cheque for SAT$148,045 to assist the Government of Samoa with its response to the measles epidemic.

The official presentation was held at the Samoa Fale in Mangere, Auckland Friday.

The High Commissioner of Samoa, Leasi Papali’i Scanlan received the Cook Islands donation on behalf of the Government of Samoa.

Samoa measles epidemic slows down

The people of Samoa through social media and word of mouth are spreading the exciting news and at the same time offering prayers of thanksgiving and further protection against the highly contagious .

In a report issued by the Health, 30 new cases reported between December 29, 2019 and  January 5, 2020.

The Health confirmed a cumulative total of 5,697 measles cases reported to the Disease Surveillance Team since the outbreak began.

ASA Foundation helps two families of measles fatalities in Samoa

The Foundation presented two coffins for a father from Leauvaa and a child from Apia who died in the past week.

The organisation also helped pay for Sefo’s Funeral Services as part of its measles Samoa Fund Appeal.

According to a member of the foundation, Tuala Tagaloa Tusani, their help and thoughts are always with the Samoan people.

“Our money or anything we’re giving may not be able to bring their deceased members back but our group is always thinking of them.”

Samoa's govt warns of psychological toll from measles epidemic

Seiulialii Dr George Leao Tuitama has told the Observer the unit had been working behind the scenes and so far had seen more than 600 families.

"For those personally affected, by loss of a family member, or watching their loved one in the hospital, this epidemic has pushed many people's coping mechanisms to the breaking point," he said.

The psychosocial support group at the mental health unit was actively reaching out to provide assistance, he said.

Seiulialii said the team was providing both emotional and spiritual support.