Samoa elections

Samoa issues fines for by-election abstentions

However, Samoa's Electoral Commissioner Faimalomatumua Mathew Lemisio told the Samoa Observer that the number may decrease because they have yet to remove names of the deceased from the roll as well as those who live abroad.

The by-election at Fa'asaleleaga Number 2 Electoral Constituency is the first under new amendments passed early this year which now makes it compulsory for all registered voters to vote.

The commissioner also urged eligible voters to register as it is now also illegal for people not to register.

Tautua Samoa Party alleges bribery in elections, Caretaker PM says claims based on rumours

"Despite the regulations and rules, Samoa still isn’t safe from bribery."


Samoan election well organised and fair says Forum observer

There are 49 seats in parliament, but only 45 are being contested as the Prime Minister, two cabinet ministers and one associate minister have already been declared elected as they were unopposed.

The 2016 elections has the highest number of women candidates ever, with 24 running as five seats have been allocated for women.

Voting underway in Samoa's general election

Voting opened an hour earlier than usual, at 8am, and will close at 3pm.

There are 164 candidates contesting the election today, 81 from the ruling Human Rights Protection Party, 23 from the opposition Tautua Samoa Party and 60 independent candidates.

OEC strict on election interference

Within these two days it’s been a practice for village councils to implement a curfew to prevent any voters from leaving the village or constituency.