Fifa streamer Kurt0411 banned from all EA Games for 'abuse'

Entertainment giant EA Games has banned a well-known streamer from playing any of its titles, citing abusive conduct.

The company said Kurt Fenech, known online as Kurt0411, had posted "abusive and threatening messages" about its employees.

It said it had banned his account and blocked his console from accessing its games.

Mr Fenech denied making abusive remarks and told the BBC he thought the ban was an "abuse of power".

The gamer has more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and often attracted more than 10,000 viewers to his live streams of the Fifa 20 football video game.

The 25-year-old, from Malta, previously played Fifa professionally, competing in tournaments for cash prizes.

He was also an outspoken critic of EA Games and the Fifa games, criticising the software and its developers in his YouTube videos.

He has highlighted technical issues and frustrations with the software, which EA says has more than 10 million players.

Other players have been critical too.

The world's top-ranked Fifa 20 player Donovan Hunt, known as Tekkz, recently said at a professional event: "It's so unrewarding, anyone can win, guys who aren't good can win at Fifa 20 and no-one enjoys playing it."