Samoa in clean-up mode post Cyclone Gita

Some parts of Samoa are still under water following Tropical Cyclone Gita as emergency services struggle to clear roads and put back power on.

Cyclone Gita wrought significant damage in both Samoa and American Samoa.

Niue was spared the full force of Gita when it curved around Niue Saturday night.

The Samoa government announced that schools will be closed for the next few days because of the flood major damage caused by Gita.

RNZI reports health officials have also issued warnings.

The public is being advised to boil all the water and make sure they clean up those areas where mosquitoes can easily lay eggs.

Dengue fever has been an ongoing issue in Samoa for the last few months.

It could take some months for Samoa to clean-up the destruction left by Tropical Cyclone Gita.

"Government schools will be closed for two days and then back on Wednesday," he said.

The Catholic schools, mainly the St Mary's that was really badly affected by flooding, it will be closed for the whole of this week, as well as one of the private schools that belongs to the Baptist church.

The school that is located close to the Vaisigano River, it's going to close for the whole week because the whole playground and the ground level of the school was flooded.


Photo by LTA Samoa/Facebook