Women's va'a medal ceremony at 2019 Pacific Games trumped by marriage proposal

The medal ceremony for the va'a women's V6 marathon event at the 2019 Pacific Games here was trumped by a marriage proposal to one of the athletes.

Emilene Taulu, captain of the Cook Islands team who had won bronze yesterday, was taken by surprise when her partner Tupuga Amo proposed following a group haka.

Amo, who is also coach of the Cook Islands' men's va'a team, popped the question after the women's team had received their medals – and Taulu said yes.

Afterwards, Taulu admitted to the Pacific Games News Service that she had suspected a proposal was on the way but had not expected it to be at such a high-profile location.

She said: "He kept asking me about the size of my rings, so I thought he probably would propose when we were on holiday in two weeks.

"I thought it would be quieter, and definitely not in front of everyone.

"It's lovely, I've been waiting for ages and now I've got a bronze medal and a ring."