Emotional preparation for Samoa’s Tiavea youth for seasonal work overseas

Residents and chiefs of Tiavea Village in Samoa gathered this week to farewell a group of young men who will take up seasonal employment overseas.

Prior to the feasting and emotional goodbyes, the chiefs spoke with the group about being good ambassadors for their country.

The seasonal workers were also reminded of their priorities as they prepare to travel.

According to a member of the village, Menime Sola, this is Tiavea’s way of disciplining the men so that they will make their families and village proud in other countries.

Punishments and regulations were laid out for the men in the event of unruly behavior or criminal activities while they’re working abroad.

in 2019, several men were expelled from the Recognised Seasonal Employer Scheme in New Zealand. 

Two of the men were also banished from their villages for breaking the law.  

Ioane Su’a who is one of the men selected says this is his first time going abroad and with the advice from the chiefs, he’s ready to take on the challenges of being a seasonal worker.

“I’ve heard a lot about the things happening overseas with the seasonal workers from our country and I’ve always disguised them,” he said.

“Now that I have the chance to go, I will make my family and village proud as they advised me today (Tuesday).”

Mr. Su’a’s plans to provide his family with a comfortable house and a vehicle if he reaches his goal.

“I know that if I put my faith to God as well as the other boys here, we can be the future for our village especially our families.”


Photo by Talaia Mika 

Talaia Mika