PTI NZ expands business mentoring programme to Samoa

Pacific Trade Invest New Zealand (PTI NZ) says the next round of the business mentoring programme will be run in Samoa.

To this end, PTI NZ is seeking expressions of interest from Samoa small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

The programme, created in 2020, is part of the wider Path to Market initiative to assist export capable businesses become ready to export to the New Zealand market.

PTI NZ Trade Commissioner Glynis Miller said, “The Business Mentoring Programme is an intensive ten-week programme which we are offering to three Samoan registered businesses. Our programme doesn’t cost participants financially, but we do expect a high level of commitment.”

“We are looking for focused, driven business owners who want to accelerate their export readiness. We know there are businesses in Samoa who are keen to grow their market share and this programme will focus on offering business mentorship to individual businesses to help with their export strategy, marketing, sales and financial plans which will put them in good stead when they are ready to export to NZ.”

“While we remain in a closed border situation with Samoa, the business mentorship programme will be conducted remotely. Having had success running this programme remotely firstly in Fiji, then in Tonga, we’re confident that we can achieve the same high-level outcomes for the selected SMEs.

The Business Mentoring Programme is tailored to each participating businesses’ needs. It provides training and support to address any knowledge or skills gaps identified in the business capability assessment completed by participants at the start of the programme.


 Photo file Loop Samoa  Caption: Jewellery vendors exhibit their locally-made products