Samoa Airways offers international cargo services

Samoa Airways is now offering international cargo on all its flights between Apia, Auckland and Sydney.

This is the latest addition to Samoa Airways’ range of services in a bid to ensure that its customers enjoy the full benefits of supporting the airline.

“Cargo is an important part of the Samoa Airways’ business. In addition to the transportation of people, the movement of cargo is a key revenue stream”, said Chief Executive Officer, Tupuivao Seiuli Alvin Tuala.

“Our cargo service covers business to business shipments, as well as the air transportation of personal effects, including human remains”.

Customers can book through their preferred freight forwarder or they can contact Samoa Airways Cargo directly.

In New Zealand, Samoa Airways has appointed Menzies Aviation as its cargo agent. Menzies is an independent, logistics specialist serving the airline industry at more than 200 airport locations across six continents.

Meanwhile in Australia, the airline is represented by GSA Cargo Services, a privately owned company specialising in cargo sales and marketing for international carriers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The company is owned and managed by industry professionals who are experienced in developing business strategies and niche marketing opportunities that better promote the cargo capabilities of their carriers.

Both companies specialize in the promotion and marketing of airline cargo across these key markets.

Their local knowledge and expertise will enable Samoa Airways to strategically develop its cargo offering and subsequently grow its share of the market.

With Samoa Airways cargo product, there is additional freight capacity to and from Samoa and this will facilitate increased trade between Samoa and the outside world.

“Many of the goods that Samoan families and businesses rely on are imported and our Samoan exporters need to move their products to their international buyers”, said Tupuivao.

“The added freight capacity also means that customers have a choice when it comes to quickly moving products and personal belongings between countries”.

Samoa Airways operates daily between Apia and Auckland and twice weekly between Apia and Sydney.


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