Samoa Airways partners with Samoa Tourism and Expedia to promote Samoa

Samoa Airways is already reaping the fruits of its availability online via global travel company, Expedia and its affiliate partners, by receiving its first lot of bookings from the popular booking channel.

It comes just under a month out from when the airline first became accessible on Expedia, a one-stop travel shop for consumers looking for the best deals in travel experiences. 
“Expedia has traditionally been a significant producer of bookings for Samoa and with Samoa Airways’ availability on the popular online travel agency (OTA), reservations have flowed through”, said Chief Executive Officer, Tupuivao Seiuli Alvin Tuala.

Seiuli added that “as the airline’s brand footprint and partnership with Expedia evolve, this will translate into growth opportunities for Samoa as a whole”.

The Airline together with the Samoa Tourism Authority and the OTA have partnered in a joint marketing campaign to promote Samoa as a visitor destination in the Australian and New Zealand markets during 15-30 June.

The promotion when completed will have reached millions of potential travelers and tourists in these key markets.
The objective of the campaign is to drive awareness and interest in Samoa as a holiday destination, and conversion of that interest into bookings, with the presentation of special deals.

The campaign is part of Samoa Airways’ tourism development objective and efforts to support and work closely with the Samoa Tourism Authority and tourism businesses to promote the destination. Highlighted in the campaign are deals on flights and accommodation offers at resorts, hotels and beach fales throughout Samoa.

“Strategically, having the National Carrier on Expedia and other digital platforms will allow Samoa as a brand to have a bigger and more visible presence and enable the destination as a whole to capture the attention of thousands of consumers who are shopping for travel experiences”, said the CEO.


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