Samoa Trade Information Portal now online

A new information portal that will benefit Samoan businesses involved in the import and export of goods is now accessible online.

The Trade Information Portal is one of the activities and requirements for Samoa’s ratification of the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relation (PACER) Plus.

The online platform will enable the business community and the public who have intention to benefit from trade in goods, to have a user-friendly informational guide for importing or exporting of their goods.

It also provides legal justification for the process, paperwork, and cost for a procedure.

The portal also has all the relevant legislation that relates to the trading of goods and to some extent, services.

Foreign investors will also be able to access procedural information for setting up a business in Samoa.

The Trade Information Portal is easily accessed at


Photo file Samoa Govt Caption: Manufacturers and traders at a trade show in Samoa