Catholics across Samoa commemorate Legions of Mary’s spiritual renewal

Hundreds of Catholic members from the Archdiocese Samoa Apia gathered at Tofamamao Leauvaa Campus to rejoice and commemorate the spiritual renewal of the Legions of Mary.

The Legions of Mary is a group of members of the Roman Catholic Church, who serve on a voluntary basis – This is usually done by encouraging them in prayer, attending Mass and learning more about the Catholic faith.

The spirit renewal for the Legions of Mary is part of a four day programme for the Main Conference of the Archdiocese Samoa Apia.

During the conference, Legions of Mary and Catholic members from close to ten vicariates of the archdiocese Samoa Apia begun by carrying the Statues of Mary from Tofamamao to the cave at St Therese.

A candle light service was conducted afterwards back at the Tofamamao followed by several performances by the various vicariates who participated.

Padre Pio Galumalemana said in an interview that this is one of the most significant events for the Catholic members.

“It began in the beginning of the year with other types of groups and their own spiritual renewal, and now it’s the Legions of Mary’s and everyone’s excited to be a part of this special occasion for the church not just to participate but to grow their spirits in the Catholic faith,” he added.

One of the activities for the legions of Mary is to pay visits to those in need financially and in health.

Each vicariates concluded their performances with monetary offerings of more than $1,000 each for the purpose of the conference.


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Talaia Mika