Lalomanu nurses gather strength to serve after measles epidemic

The measles epidemic in Samoa has been a very trying time for medical and health professionals including five nurses at Lalomanu Hospital.

During the epidemic, the nurses went sent to work in hospitals in Savaii and Upolu.

Alofa Leota of of Magiagi was chosen to work at Lalomanu Hospital about 61 kilometres away from Apia.

Leota told Loop Samoa correspondent, Talaia Mika that she had to leave her only child with her parents and family when she was on duty.

“I know that for a lot of nurses, we’re being separated from our families especially our children but when it comes to our work, the lives of the people depend on us so we must do our job no matter what,” she said.

Her other colleague, Maranata Mali’o shared a similar experience of having to leave her only child in the care of family members.

According to the nurses, they will never forget the experience.

Despite the trying times, they’re grateful to be returning to their normal routines now that the state of emergency over the epidemic has been removed.


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Talaia Mika