Samoa ministries race to promote sustainable transportation mobility, renewable energy

Several Samoa government ministries participated in a race to commemorate National Environment Week.

The event celebrated the promotion of renewable energy and sustainable transportation mobility. 

ACEO of renewable energy, Vainalepa Toiata Apelu Uili said they want to showcase other means of transportation such as “wheelbarrow, bikes and running.”

“We added a bio fuel in terms of taking off the kernel of the popo (coconut) to make it more fun and to tell people that bio fuel is another aspect that can add into ensuring that there is a use of renewable energy fir transportation.

“But the way we did it today is to ensure that we have fun and at the same time we’re promoting the awareness especially our government ministries, people that do the work.”

MNRE Minister, Toesulusulu Cedric Pose Schuster also participated in the race and was awarded a prize for his participation.

The race with four participants from each teams started off by taking off the kernel of the coconut, racing towards the front of the Malae i Tiafau bike ride half way back, and ending with a wheelbarrow ride.

Every year, MNRE celebrates renewable energy either through sports activities or through community engagement activities but this year has been celebrated together with the environment week.

“It’s better this way that everything is celebrated during the environment week,” Vainalepa said.


Final for men's category: 

1) Ministry of Police



4) STA

Women’s category:

1) Ministry of Police



4) Central Bank

Consolation prizes:

MCIL, Samoa Conservation Society, SPREP, NUS, STA

Special consolation prize: 

Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, Toesulusulu Cedric Pose Schuster


Photo supplied      

Talaia Mika