Spirit-boosting night market in Apia profitable for shoppers and business owners

A two-day night market hosted by the Samoa Tourism Authority was a chance for families to enjoy and relax with an exciting atmosphere, and small businesses making profits.

Held at the STA cultural village beside the government building, hundreds of families and business owners gathered to take in the live performances making it even more exciting.

Pacific Love band, Nato Brothers, and Aumaga Dance Group were some of the groups that livened the atmosphere.

One of the most significant part of the event was the Covid-19 vaccination which was held at one of the fale Samoa – many who came for the event were seen taking their jabs for coronavirus.

For businesses, many of the restaurants’ products or food were sold out before the market was completed like the Panda Pao Bun restaurant, a pao bun business whose owner declined to speak to the media when asked for an interview.

In the children’s corner, bouncy castles were set up for kids to play as well as other exciting playing machines from the Magic Circus of Samoa.

A mother of three, Qerstin Aukilani told Talamua that the same night market was held last year and it was since then that they decided to come back for the night market this year.

“Although it may seem to those we know that we’re here to support some business owners we know, but for us, it’s a great chance for my family to come out and have a little bit of fun instead of just staying in the house,” she said.

“It’s something we’ve all been looking forward to especially my kids and I’m glad we have come tonight, we’re grateful to the organizers of this event for we have this sort of event for families to enjoy.”


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Talaia Mika