Fiamalamalama students learn more about climate change at SPREP

Teaching student's ways they can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions was one of many lessons taught during a visit to the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) by Fiamalamalama School in Samoa.

Almost 20 students and teachers were given a presentation on Climate Change by Salesa Nihmei, SPREP's Meteorology and Climate Officer, and Christina Leala-Gale, Project Manager for the Finland Pacific Project.

While the information was a bit overwhelming for some of the students, Nihmei ensured that each child knew they could contribute to combating climate change through planting trees and switching off unused lights and electrical appliances.

One student shared his own impassioned presentation on what he believed climate change was about.

After the presentations, the students performed an environmental song for the SPREP staff, before a tour of the SPREP campus.

The students and teachers appreciated the visit, and advised that they would be back.

As part of the Samoan community, SPREP has been host to several school visits this year, including SPREP Open Day in July when over 500 college students enjoyed activities in SPREP's major areas of focus, including climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems management, waste management and pollution control, and environmental monitoring and governance.