Hard drugs found in Police raid

Police detained two people over the weekend following a raid that uncovered a possible drug deal operation involving a prominent public servant.

Last Saturday Police raided a hotel following suspicion of such operation taking place from within.


"We arrested two people, I cannot confirm who they are as investigations are still pending," said the Commissioner of Police Egon Keil.


"Some hard drugs were found, as of right now we have yet to confirm which it could be, along with a pipe, one most commonly used when it comes to hard narcotics such as Meth, Cocaine, and Heroin," he said.


Commissioner Keil told Loop Samoa about the raid following the end of the gun amnesty today, further solidifying the ministry's push for a safer Samoa.


By eliminating drugs and weapon together the police are pushing for a clean country with every criminal and drug dealer they take down.


This is the third raid where the police have discovered heavy narcotics other than the common cannabis mostly found in Samoa.


It is not made known whether these three cases are linked to each other. The case is now under further investigation with the two detainees being questioned by police as to how these narcotics are coming into the country.


And with some military grade firearms uncovered today at the disposal ceremony, even more questions arise as to whether the same people who have had possession of the weapons are linked to these cases as well.


Joshua Lafoai