Interest in Use of Drones Growing

Papua New Guineans are catching up with the latest in technology and this time, it’s the flying robot that is gaining popularity.

A flying robot is basically a drone, as commonly known, and has been spotted in many recent big events in the country, particularly in Port Moresby.

However, seen from a larger scale, the market in PNG is still small even though the interest is high.  

Drones have been available in PNG in more recent years, mostly in the form of expensive type toys for consumers, according to Aaron Chin, who is in the technology business.

Aaron is the group manager – retail division for Chin H Min, one of PNG’s leading supplier in technology for more than a decade.

CHM has been one of the two companies selling drones for the past three years.

“However, during that time the prices were very expensive and out of reach of most people. The only people buying them were media production houses.

“There were a small handful of individuals who used the larger more expensive drones for commercial purposes since 2014 when DJI released its Phantom 2 models,” he said.

So CHM introduced drones in 2014, more for people who were interested in cool toys wanting to fly in their backyard or around a small sports field.

This year, CHM has been appointed as an Authorised Dealer for DJI drones in the PNG market.

DJI is synonymous with being the best brand when it comes to drones and technology.

It is a Chinese technology company that manufactures commercial and recreational UAV for aerial photography and videography.  

Currently, CHM offers Phantom 3 Professional (P3), the new Phantom 4 (P4) as well as the top of the range Inspire Professional which really looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi action movie.

These are more aimed at the prosumer market, made up of enthusiasts who enjoy aerial photography and video or use for business or commercial purposes.

“However we will be bringing in another brand to offer the wider consumer market due to the interest. We want to cultivate this so everyone can experience the fun and excitement with flying a drone and decide how far they want to take that interest.

Gloria Bauai