Introducing the latest and craziest health trend Fat Water

Sure, everyone may be trying to drop the pounds in a hurry, workout harder than ever before and eat "cleaner" and now there's one more way to reach optimum health: Fat Water.

Yes, you read that correctly, the word fat next to the word water. Curious? So are we…

Fresh on the heels of the everyone-eat-like-a-caveman Paleo craze, bottled water that's been infused with coconut oil is now a thing that's readily available for all to enjoy (and sip, slowly, whilst judging others for drinking just water…).

Coming in at $3.95 a bottle, the new 20-calorie FATwater was actually created by Dave Asprey, the founding father of the major Bulletproof Coffee trend that saw everyone from Venice to Williamsburg chugging coconut oil and butter in their morning cup of Joe.

Asprey claims that he uses a patented process to meld the purified water with the Bulletproof XCT Oil and the result is a refreshing beverage that comes in a variety of fruity flavors geared at curbing sugar cravings and keeping you energized.

"The water looks kind of iridescent, pearlescent," he told Time. "It has these tiny, invisible droplets of fat that your body really, really likes."