Media coverage of Pacific disasters keeping tourists at bay

Media coverage of Pacific disasters means there will be fewer European buyers at its upcoming tourism exchange on the Gold Coast, the South Pacific Tourism Organisation says.

According to RNZI, he said this year there will be a focus on niche markets, such as dive tourism and health tourism in small island nations.

Mr Vuidreketi said there was a long-term aim to hold similar events in the islands themselves, but was happy that tourists from New Zealand and Australia had remained loyal to the islands despite the recent disasters.

"It's the kind of news that goes out, when you look at television for example, the only news they put out are the news of natural disasters, so countries in the region need to strengthen and maintain a high level of promotional activities in the source markets, the dishing out of up-to-date information and also educational promotional programmes."

The South Pacific Tourism Exchange will be held on the Gold Coast from 15th to 19th May, while Fiji will again hold its own tourism expo in Nadi from the 3rd to 6th of May.


File pic courtesy: The Atlantic- Cyclone Pam devastation in Vanuatu.