NCD police ready for FIFA

NCD police personnel are out in full operational force in anticipation of the upcoming FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup.

Speaking to Loop PNG today, NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says operational orders have been given out.

He adds that all of the respective metropolitan stations are now out in full operations to ensure that the FIFA event runs smoothly.

Turi is confident that the city will cooperate to ensure that all visitors are made welcome and enjoy their stay here.

He says foot beats to road checks, as well random vehicle stops, are now being carried out in Port Moresby.

Part of the operations are also to ensure that there are no suspicious and opportunistic trouble caused at this time.

Law and order is everybody’s responsibility. However, Turi is encouraged that the city, just like in the recent 2015 Pacific Games, will deliver in terms of security and overall law and order during the event.

Julianna Waeda