Netball Samoa to focus on youth

​Samoa netball coach Marcia Hardcastle plans to focus on youth in the coming months, with no matches confirmed for the senior team despite a successful World Cup.

The Samoans achieved their aim of a top ten finish, improving on their World Ranking of 13th.

Marcia Hardcastle says there is no Pacific Series scheduled until 2017 so her focus will be on the next generation.

"They've got a 21s World Cup in two years time so making sure we can bring credibility to that and build some sort of unit there so we've got players coming forward to the national team. When we had trials in Australia I know there was quite a few young ones so, I dare say, they will push their hand up to trial for the Under 21s for the next World Cup, so there's still a strong showing for netballers to be improved in the young generation and still keeping some stability at the top".

Marcia Hardcastle believes the future is bright for Samoan netball and says she's keen to stick around as coach for a few years yet.