Opapo shares message of vision in TV broadcast

"The Gospel will warm the hearts of those who believe in Jesus Christ, but will be despised by the rest of the world."

That was the message Toaipuapuaga Opapo shared in a live TV broadcast following reports that she was afflicted by stigmata in a service over the Easter weekend.


"I’m alive because I have a message to tell the world. Heaven and hell are real," said Opapo.


A large crowd of people from all walks of life and faiths packed the Catholic Cathedral in Matafele to hear what the young woman had to say.


Opapo said she was given four visions and one stood out in its revelation.


"I saw great plains, the trees were all dead, and the sky was pitch black, and I saw nothing. I was lost, did not know where to go as I did not know where I was."


"So I sat and waited, thinking that maybe someone would come looking for me. But hours passed and I felt the need to go home," she said.


Opapo was referring to a vision which she said she could not understand at the time.


"So I figured if I went and looked for a river, I would follow that river downstream and it will get me to where people were.


"As I got closer to the banks of the river, I saw the image of a person, clothed in dark covers and I could not see the face or feet.


"In my head, I was terrified, and one side was saying, give in to the devil now, and the other saying keep the faith in Jesus Christ," Opapo added.


"And I just stood there, and prayed and said Jesus if you have brought me here to take me away, I have not said goodbye to my family," she cried as she spoke to the audience.


She said as the figure moved closer to her, a light flew around her and lit right above her.


"From inside the light I saw a hand, reaching out to touch me, and I did not know who it was until I saw the markings on his hand, and I knew it was Jesus," she smiled as she said.


"At that time the figure standing from the other side was waving at me calling me to come and I refused, he was running at me and he kept getting rejected by some invisible barrier," she added.


During this revelation she was speaking of, she said her body was experiencing the bleeding that Jesus went through during crucifixion.


She said as she looked up and reached for the hand. Once she touched it a tear rolled down from the hand and cleansed all the blood on her body.


And the blood that touched the ground blossomed into white flowers.


"And then the Jesus, flicked away the person who was furiously trying to get at me, and the light exploded and it spread out," she added.


Opapo went on to speak about Jesus taking her through hell, where screams and shouts from a river of lava filled her ears.


She says Jesus showed her hell and then took her to heaven, leaving her with a message, that heaven and hell are real.


So what did her vision mean? And what did it the plains mean?


"The dead plains is the world today, dead and people with no hope. The tear that rolled from his hand and onto mine is the holy sacrament, remembering the sacrifice by Jesus that washed our sins.


"It is the only way to be saved. And the blood that flowed from my body to the ground and made the flowers bloom was the world being saved by Jesus' sacrifice," she added.


"And the light exploding is the Gospel spreading out into Samoa," she concluded.


Opapo said what she experienced is a sign to remind the people of Samoa of how dead they have become in sin.


And she concluded by reminding everyone that only belief in Jesus Christ will save them from eternal suffering in hell.


Opapo’s experience over Easter has attracted a huge following in the local media as well as social media.


Some people have described it as a miracle while others have been skeptical.


(Pic: Facebook)


Joshua Lafoai