PNG belts Samoa 8-0

The PNG Kapuls finished off with an 8-nil win against the Samoans to be qualified for the semi-finals.

After leading 2-0 at half time, the host team added six more goals on the board, beating the helpless Samoans in a one-sided match.

PNG’s flanker Michael Foster opened the second half with his second goal before striker Nigel Dabinyaba added another point for a clear 4-0 lead.

Raymond Gunemba finds the net once again after a cross for his second to put PNG on the line for a decider to qualify as forward Koriak Upaiga sealed the deal with a chip over the goalkeeper for a 6-0 lead.

That was not enough with Dabinyaba collecting his second and Raymond Gunemba sealing the deal with a carefully-placed footy for an 8-0 victory.

Papua New Guinea Kapuls are now on the safe side to qualify for the semis as tonight’s game between the favourites, New Zealand and defending champions Tahiti, will determine their qualification as goal average is the factor.

Lamech Jinimbo