Toa Samoa deserves more games against international teams

The newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Rugby League World Cup in 2017, Andrew Hill says Toa Samoa should not be dismissed easily by top nations in the sport.

Hill, who takes up his new role at the end of the month, is visiting Samoa to finalise preparations for the test match between Toa Samoa and Fiji Bati in October.

 “Every country in the world, who plays rugby league, every time they play against Samoa they actually know that they have to be at their best performance,” said Hill.

“Anyone who has watched the last four nations in 2014, under Matt’s coaching, Samoa should have won two of those three games,” he added.

Mr. Hill says it is due to this success, Samoa’s rank and competition should be elevated to the powerhouses in the world of rugby league.

“I think certainly with the performances in the last couple of years, the opportunity is now warranted. I mean a couple of years ago that would have been a really big challenge for Australia and Englan, or New Zealand to play Samoa on a regular basis, but with these performances I think those opportunities will be presented in from of Su’a, and the board and Matt’s head coaching, so those opportunities will come,” he added.

The test against Fiji Bati in October is a part of this initiative, by bringing international tests to the Pacific, it’s a small step for a big dream that Samoa and NRL share.

The NRL will take care of all travel expenses for the Fiji Bati meaning there will be less financial pressure on the host country, Samoa.

Rugby League Samoa though was given an opportunity to host a Rugby League World Cup Match next year at Apia Park, but RLS President Tagaloa Faafouina Su’a says the organization is still taking baby steps.

Mr. Hill says the hype isn’t all about just that single match, the Queensland country rugby league teams will be joining the game, all in the lead up to the big finale.


Photo: NRL


Joshua Lafoai