Toa Samoa Upolu Residents secure win against Toa Savaii Residents

The Toa Samoa Residents squad is gearing up for big matches in the first week of October leading up to the international test against Fiji Bati on October 8.

Over the weekend, Toa Samoa Savaii residents hosted the Upolu Resident’s team in a provincial all-star showdown that pretty much went one sided.

The Upolu Toa Residents pulling easily in the beginning of the match with a final score of 38 to 10 to seal a win in their first clash in the inter-island rivalry since its establishment last year.

However, it wasn’t the win that mattered to Rugby League Samoa Development officer Latu Joseph Kelemete.

“It’s a lovely opportunity for the local boys over in Savaii to have taken part in the games, especially with the focus on the Rugby League Samoa’s birthday celebrating the 30th anniversary since it started,” he said.

“This is part of the preparations for our team to play the New South Wales country rugby league club who will be taking part in the celebrations in that first week. So it’s a great opportunity to showcase that Savaii can play rugby league just as well as Upolu,” he added.

RLS hopes to explore all the available talents around the country by decentralizing the games, hence the popular provincial rugby league tournaments held in every district piloted by Rugby League Samoa.

Toa Residents trainer Lemalu John Lemisio says the game against the New South Wales Country Rugby League team will be held at Prince Edward Park in Iva, Savaii.

This will be the first time Savaii hosts an international club match with a team from overseas.



Photo courtesy of Rudy Bartley. Toa Samoa Residents trainer Lemalu John Lemisio



Joshua Lafoai