What the blue jersey means to Tim Lafai

Tim Lafai has never hesitated to show up for Toa Samoa try outs and has never missed a try out since the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

On October 8, when the Toa Samoa international test team takes on the formidable Fiji Bati team, Lafai will be putting on that blue jersey once again.

“I always love running with these guys and coach Matt (Parish) has been doing a phenomenal job with the development of the team throughout the years and I’m excited to hit the field again with that signature blue on,” said Lafai.

Lafai started his career when he was only 19 years old in 2011 when the Bulldogs offered the Samoan centre a contract in the NRL.

Recently he moved to join the St George Illawara Dragons.

The players understand the bittersweet nature of putting on the blue jersey and running out onto the green.

For Lafai, for the most part having his name in the Toa Samoa squad any year is worth more than anything he could ask for.

“It’s pretty simple, playing for Samoa is an honor and not many players get to play here at Apia Park in front of my homeland it’s overwhelming for me and I’d do it any day,” he said.

Lafai was born in Samoa and spent his early life years in Sataoa, Savaii.

It’s one of the many reasons Lafai says he will always go for the blue jersey.



Joshua Lafoai