The world stands in solidarity through music for West Papua

This is a compilation of songs from around the World of artists and their communities standing in solidarity with West Papua.

Rize of the Morning Star CD Compilation #02 is the second edition of a long-term publicity campaign to spread light on the dark history of West Papua and to amplify the indigenous people’s cry for freedom.
The sounds of this star-studded music compilation will engulf listeners with soundscapes and songs with fierce messages that reflect the troubling heart of a people facing injustice, and a struggle for their rights to self-determination.
West Papua is a country in waiting. Before the invasion of 1963, the indigenous West Papuans were 98% of the population, today they are only 48%, a reported 500,000 West Papuans deaths and disappearances were unaccounted. Their minerals, rain forests and resources have been ruthlessly exploited.

Rize of the Morning Star utilizes music as weapon to fight oppression and bring hope to all West Papuans in West Papua and around the globe to continue their fight for freedom.

The album features talented musicians such as One People (South Africa) Lucky Dube legendary band with the Time to Rise, Rutzman Spice from South Africa’s new tune “Revolution”, Big Mountain & The Black Sistaz (US/Aus) reiterates the Vision, Australia’s Blue King Brown’s calling on All Nations, from PNG a new track by Jagarizzar Independence, and Seru Serevi from Fiji with Rise Morning Star.
The album also includes songs from the late Arnold Ap (West Papua), Stan and the Earth Force (Vanuatu), Soul Jay (Solomon Island), Sprigga Mek (PNG), Anthony B with Mr Savona (Aus), KRK (Vanuatu), Anslom (PNG), King Kapisi (Aotearoa), Kaivili and Airileke (PNG/Fiji), Tabura (West Papau/Aus), Vanessa Quai (Vanuatu) & Tevaka (Tokelau/NZ).

All proceeds go to funding the awareness raising activities of Rize of the Morning Star.

(Pic from YouTube)