Fiji records over 300 new Covid-19 cases

Fiji has reported 347 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours ending at 8 am yesterday.

The Ministry of Health confirmed that there are 659 new cases of which 312 new cases were recorded on Tuesday and 347 new cases yesterday.

Meanwhile, there have been six deaths recorded as well from the virus.

MOH’s Permanent Secretary for Health, Doctor James Fong said due to the protection afforded by the vaccination programme, the reported deaths have been much less compared to the previous wave.

He said the deaths have been mostly in individuals with high medical risk and who have died, either at home, on the way to the hospital, or within a few days of admission.

Dr. Fong said these 2 factors (comorbidity and adverse health-seeking behavior) also make it difficult to narrate more precisely the extent to which Covid-19 contributes to the death of patients.

The PS Health is reiterating that the vaccines are 80% protective against severe disease and death and not 100%.

He added that as such if community transmission is high enough, rare outcomes will be more visible.

Dr. Fong stressed that in this current wave, their awareness of the symptoms of severe Covid-19 disease, and early presentation to a health facility when severe symptoms are present, are critical protection measures that people should know and act upon.